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Emergency rooms are great for treating trauma and other medical emergencies. Urgent Care facilities are great for treating less serious illnesses and injuries. But until now, both have also been forced to be something they’re not. They are not priority behavioral health crisis treatment centers.

The staffs of emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are not equipped for behavioral health. They are not trained for it either.

The typical ER only treats half the patient as a priority, not the whole person. The medical health symptoms are evaluated and treated. Meanwhile, the behavioral health problems rage on. Today, this is truly a healthcare crisis.

Many patients require a dual diagnosis. They are comorbid. This means they present both a serious medical health and behavioral health issue. For example, hypertension and an anxiety disorder. Or, diabetes and clinical depression.

Now there’s a better way. Introducing Integro Health Systems.

Behavioral health experts offering Urgent Care, Inpatient Care, and Intensive Outpatient Care.

Now there’s an integrated approach for treating the whole person. Behavioral health and medical health are both priorities. They’re treated by emergency medical doctors and nurses. They’re treated by psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses. Medical and mental health professionals working together on one team, creating customized solutions one patient at a time.

Finally, behavioral health patients are no longer undervalued or underserved. The people presenting those symptoms are treated with compassion, and respect.

We work quickly to get patients stable. We work continually to keep them stable. Integro Health Systems is behavioral health’s one-stop solution.

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