Why Integro Health Systems?

This is a question everyone around Phoenix, Arizona should ask. It’s one of the important questions we’re in business to answer.

Why Integro? If you’re a patient or have a loved one in need of behavioral health treatment, here’s why.

Our Caring Medical and Behavioral Health Professionals at Integro Welcome You with Open Arms, Open Hearts, and Open Minds.

You will see, hear, or feel, no stigma. No judgment. No looking down on any person unless we’re helping them up. No rolled eyes. No “deer in the headlights” looks either. We’re ready, willing, and able to provide urgent care for behavioral health and addiction issues.

You bring us your personal crisis. We bring you our professional experience and expertise to quickly and effectively treat it.

That’s why we say, “In Crisis? Integro.”

Know this. Integro is not the typical hospital emergency room. We respect those facilities and staffs for their role. But they’re more equipped for diagnosing and treating different symptoms and illnesses. This includes fevers, the flu, viruses, fractures, cardiac care, and a host of internal medicine issues.

We know the stories of behavioral health cases not getting priority in emergency rooms. We know about them not being taken as seriously as they should. If you’ve been forced to wait hours on end for an emotional or mental health solution, don’t worry. You’ll never feel like a misfit, nuisance, or afterthought at Integro.

Key members of our team recognized the same void in emergency behavioral health treatment you did. Truth be told, some of our families even experienced it first-hand. We saw and heard enough about the problem. It helped lead us into action. We then invested the time, money, and resources to create the solution.

Our Patients Come First.

Take comfort in this. By choosing Integro, you’re choosing the one Arizona healthcare facility uniquely designed to help you.

Did you know Integro was specifically built to accept, manage, and provide urgent care for adults with behavioral health issues?

Integro is the one place for providing the right treatments, right away for patients with medical, emotional and mental health needs. You’ll have medical emergency doctors and nurses, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, and others working as one team. Their shared vision and goal is the improved patient outcome you desperately want.

You will see, hear, and feel the urgent help of experienced, compassionate professionals. At Integro Health Systems, we believe healthcare must be integrated. This means treating both the medical and behavioral health issues of patients as priorities.

Here are a couple examples:

  • We need to stabilize anxiety with the same urgency we would hypertension.
  • We need to examine and heal badly broken hearts with the same urgency as badly broken bones.

Why Integro? If you’re a friend, family member, or first responder, here’s why.

EMTs, firefighters, police officers, parents and partners, we love you all. We admire your courage, bravery, and actions in the face of trauma. If you were a real-life super hero in stabilizing and/or saving a patient, we show you the ultimate respect and gratitude. We also make your patient a priority.

We have a triage setup. We have the one urgent care facility and system customized for behavioral health emergencies. We have caring, experienced professionals to pick up where you left off. We can quickly and efficiently evaluate and treat your patient. In doing so, we strive to make your extraordinary efforts feel worthwhile.

Why Integro? If you’re a referring healthcare professional, here’s why.

At Integro Health Systems, we believe healthcare must be integrated. This means a holistic approach to treating a person’s mind, body, and soul. It means us working closely together with healthcare providers like you to establish and maintain long-term success for the patients we share.

We respect your referrals. Whether you’re a primary care provider, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other professional, we listen to your opinions. We value your knowledge and insights. We will readily share information. We will regularly welcome open communication.

When we come together for patients, we do more than provide urgent help to them. We also strengthen families, and communities, hopefully for generations.

Why Integro? When you need the standard of care to meet or exceed your standards, we ask you to try us.

We provided answers in writing here. Better yet, we hope you see this question answered every day through the actions of our experienced, caring behavioral health emergency experts.

How may we serve you? Call us at (602) 535-8201.


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