Integro Cares is personal within our company. Yet, it’s something we’re willing to share with others in service of them. It’ showing the care in healthcare. This is our truth.

Integro Cares defines us. It details our values and beliefs. It is the foundation for our unique company, and facility. It is the philosophy behind our unique people, and mission. It sets our culture:

“Our Patients Come First.”

Many times they come in a behavioral health crisis. The symptoms could be a severe panic attack. They could be dealing with severe depression. There could be other forms of trauma. They could be dangers from various forms of addiction.

In any situation, placing the needs of every Integro patient as the top priority is critical. Our Patients Come First. This demands compassion. It provides clarity to every evaluation, medication, and treatment…especially in times of urgent care.

As healthcare professionals, we have taken a Hippocratic Oath. First is the Latin term, “primum non nocere.” It means, “Do No Harm.”

Of course, this promise to uphold ethical standards applies to every patient. However, we expect and require more with Integro Cares.

All employees must expand our “Do No Harm” pledge to include the family members and loved ones of patients. It also includes our professional colleagues, and our co-workers.

Everyone is worthy of respect. Everyone is worthy of compassion. There is great power in patience during a crisis. There is great power in “The Golden Rule” of life.

We believe hiring the right experienced, and compassionate people is a key to our success. Good people flourish in a good system. Integro Cares is a good system. It puts our people in position to thrive. It shows and tells all how we serve others.

Integro Cares requires integrity. It requires accountability, respect, dedication, compassion, and a personal and professional commitment to excellence.

To help introduce and instill “Integro Cares,” we’ve come up with “The 3 C’s and The 3 E’s:

The 3 C’s


We care about the feelings of others. We care how we appear to them. We care what we say to others, and how we say it. We care about how and what we do to serve others.

We care about people.

Because we care, we know the importance of our work at Integro. We feel good about coming to work each day. We recognize and respect the goodness in our service of others. So, while we may get tired, we feel honored and humbled.

At the end of every work day, Integro Cares asks we take a moment to reflect on examples of the positive difference we made in the lives of others.


HIPAA requires we abide by it laws. Integrity empowers us to do it every day for every person. Honoring privacy means showing courtesy and respect. Remember, everyone has issues. It’s called being human.

Times of crisis should never be made worse for others by fears of a lack of confidentiality. Integro employees must honor and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all patients, their friends and family, and healthcare providers. Integro Cares means we protect the privacy and confidentiality of others as if it were our own.


Show love in everything you do. Show love to everyone who walks through our doors, or needs assistance to get through them. Compassion can calm or conquer the fears of our patients and their loved ones.

Compassion reminds us every person is someone’s son or daughter, father or mother, husband or wife, or neighbor. And whether or not they are currently someone’s friend, compassion reminds us everyone can use a new friend.

Compassion can’t change a diagnosis. But it can help to change an outcome. Showing compassion can’t do harm to anyone. But it sure can do good.

Work with helping hands and open arms. Smile big. Smile often. Every smile shows the beauty of your face, and the beauty in your heart. Every smile shows the beauty and heart of Integro Cares.

The 3 E’s


You were hired because you have experience. You may have more than you might recognize. You have professional experience. You have life experience, too. Both have benefits. Both should be relied upon in serving others at Integro.

Experience is gained by learning to do things right, and by learning to do them better. Valuable experience is also gained by learning from your mistakes, and owning them. Then you learn how to avoid them in the future.

Experience is not something you acquire and complete. It should be a never-ending process. It should be a never-ending pursuit for more. Be grateful for the experience you have, but be hungry for more. Ask others for help in your pursuit of experience. This includes Integro management.


Patients and their loved ones come to Integro for our collective expertise. They trust us because of it, but rely on us to prove it. Rightly so. Integro Cares is to make others grateful, make them proud they chose us and our expertise.

Versatility is valuable. It’s even more rewarding to achieve greatness and expertise at something. Challenge yourself to develop your expertise. Once you master something, challenge yourself to become an expert at something else.


Like experience, excellence is not a destination. It is not a one and done achievement. It should be a continuous pursuit.

Honoring Integro Cares means you are willing to commit to excellence. Do it every day. Do it as an individual. Do it as a member of our team. Let it be the force which drives you. Let it be what makes your light shine so brightly to others.

  • Commit to excellence in service of our patients, and their loved ones.
  • Commit to excellence for added rewards in your professional career.
  • Commit to excellence for added rewards in your mirror, and in your soul.
  • Commit to excellence. Commit to Integro Cares.

Our Promise

Integro Cares is our way to remember what we promised to our patients. It our way to remember what we promised to ourselves.

Integro Cares is not a way for you work. It is a way for you to live while you work.

Thank you for being, thank you for showing Integro Cares.

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