Our Approach

Integro uses integrated methods to look at your entire situation and plan treatments tailored to your needs. Whether the addiction has roots in genetics, a result of medical prescription or is the result of a behavioral challenge, our team can define a plan that works through a combination of medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes.


Alcohol is legal, inexpensive, and easily accessible. It is glamorized in slick ad campaigns and is prominently displayed in grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and more. Because of its convenient accessibility, it is also one of the most commonly abused substances.


When talking about opiate abuse and opioid addiction treatment, most people immediately think about heroin. Some might also consider prescription drugs such as OxyContin. While these are obviously problematic contributors to the opiate epidemic. A few of the most popular include: buprenorphine, codeine, methadone, morphine, and oxycodone. For each of the aforementioned drugs, the preliminary ingredient is opium.

Cocaine Addiction

The State of Arizona is no different from the majority of other states when it comes to the number of individuals addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine. The Cities of Phoenix and Tucson are fast becoming major transshipment points for cocaine distribution from Arizona throughout the United States. Cocaine is shipped in from Colombia to Mexico and then transported into the area. For information concerning cocaine addiction treatment and finding the right drug rehab treatment for you, call the professionals at Integro. Call (602) 535-8200 (staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week) for help. 

Heroin Addiction

Mexican black tar heroin is commonly found in the State of Arizona. Heroin is smuggled into the area by traffickers from Mexico. There is an abundance of this drug available in the area and it is inexpensive. A major concern over the years has been the increasing presence of heroin available among school children and public schools.


Methamphetamine has become a primary drug of concern in the State of Arizona. Meth is imported from Mexico as well as produced in local meth labs, both of which present great challenges to law enforcement. Again, this area serves as a major distribution center for Mexican meth which is smuggled across the border and serves as a distribution point.

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Addiction conditions can be treated with support and an integrated approach. Integro can help.

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