Detox from dependency can be difficult. It can be dangerous, especially if done alone. Detox is a mandatory “must do” to break free from the deadly grip of alcohol use or substance use. Detox is also a “must see” destination. It acts as the gateway to addiction treatment, and the road to recovery.

Integro mandates a physician supervised medical team for protecting every patient during detoxification. The process requires expertise and compassion, core elements of our standard of care.

We also use the proper medications indicated by approved medical guidelines. This dual-focused approach helps to make the unpleasant experience for the person…as pleasant as possible.

What is detox?

It is the critical period of acute withdrawal from alcohol or substance dependency. Generally, it lasts less than 8 days. However, individual timeframes and results vary. This depends on factors such as the length and severity of use, the substances used, existing health issues, and more.

During the time of detox, the body is given the opportunity to remove toxins. In cases of alcohol use or substance use, this is the transition bridge from using to not using. The person’s body is forced to change. It clears or minimizes the influence of toxins as it processes or metabolizes unwanted alcohol or drugs in the system.

You can just imagine the shock to an addicted brain. Suddenly, its demands are not being met. In detox, we focus on getting the patient through this mandatory gateway safely. We provide critical comfort and support in managing acute withdrawal. A key to success is reducing the intense cravings to use. Proudly, this approach honors our medical oath “to do no harm.”

Two Distinct Styles

There are two primary detox treatments. Social detox is the harsher style. Loved ones couldn’t bear to see, hear, or feel what happens. It is brutal. Physically, mentally, and emotionally the symptoms and complications can be scary. This is clearly a non-medical event. It’s more of a solo journey without support. This old-school method can be extremely dangerous, not to mention traumatic for all involved.

There is an array of common detox symptoms. The behavioral health challenges include acute anxiety, major depression, irritability, and hyper insomnia. Meanwhile medical health issues range from diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, to severe pain, seizures, and even coma.

Detox at Integro is the way to go. Listen closely if you care about the person who needs to break free from alcohol use or drug use.

“What Integro does differently is we initiate therapy at the point of admission,” said Marco V. Canulla, M.D., Founder and Chairman. “Most other facilities don’t or won’t do this for patients.”

We utilize a physician supervised and medically assisted detox.

The doctor has expertise in the proper protocols for the process. She or he leads a licensed, registered nurse, and other members of our caring and experienced team. Close observation and communication increases safety, and helps to manage the patient’s fear and stress. We keep a close eye on any medical and behavioral health symptoms. Quickly and effectively, comfort and care are provided to the patient as needed.

On that note, our team will communicate with the family and loved ones of the patient. These important people also deserve our compassion, support, and respect, during this critical time.

3 Stages of Detox

We follow the guidelines of our colleagues at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This is from the Treatment Improvement Protocol – TIP 45. Let’s examine how we assess treating the patient during the three stages of Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment.
Evaluation is the first stage. Our team will evaluate the patient mentally and physically, knowing the telling signs to look for. We will determine the presence of alcohol and drugs. This happens through medical testing. The patient’s blood, breath, and/or urine will be examined.

We will inquire about treating any known behavioral health and medical health conditions. We will also look for any existing, but undiagnosed health issues. We know for a variety of reasons, patients in this situation may have avoided or been unable to receive proper medical care.

Stabilization is the second stage. This is the main component of our detox process. Here we prepare the patient for responding to treatment. We provide all appropriate medical health and behavioral health services to safely and effectively manage symptoms.

Fostering patient readiness for, and entry into substance abuse treatment. This is the third and final stage of detox. Ridding the body of toxins in only the start of the patient’s solution. It is by no means the finish line.

Our physician supervised medical team works to congratulate the patient on their progress, courage, and heroic choice to start living again. We educate and inform the patient that continuing treatment is their best chance to make sure their detox journey got them nowhere. We recommend continuing treatment as the logical next step, and the best step.

At Integro, our programs for further treatment include:

  • Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient Care
  • Intensive Outpatient Care
  • Continued Care

Our services help the person commit to their recovery and future. They include physical and emotional support. The patient’s solutions come through individual and group therapy sessions, regular visits with licensed therapists and psychiatrists, and medication checks and stabilization.

Call it their integrated roadmap for the road to sustained recovery. Further treatment at Integro deals with the alcohol use and substance use. Equally important, we treat the patient’s underlying issues. All with the comfort and convenience of one familiar team, in one setting they already know to be safe.

“Our approach provides the tools patients need to succeed,” said Karen Godwin Canulla, M.D. (title?). “This buys the time they need for reflection and transformation. And it delivers the expert services and support they surely will want, need, and value. No one should go it alone.”

It’s okay to be scared about detox. Just don’t let it scare you away. Let us give you the urgent help and added hope you need.

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