integro-inpatient-careInpatient Care is very important care. These patients have serious behavioral health needs. The Integro Inpatient program fulfills those needs. Yes, we treat a patient’s symptoms properly. But we also treat the person way they want, and deserve to be treated.

Here’s an easy way to look at the situation. When you get admitted for Integro Inpatient Care, you get the treatment you need. You get on the inside track to becoming stable. Then, together we can look toward your recovery.

We strive to make Inpatient Care successful, yet short. Our goals match yours. We want behavioral health patients to improve and stabilize. Like you, we hope our Inpatient Care quickly gets people back on the outside. Like you, we smile at seeing patients return to enjoying life with the people and things they love.

But while on the inside with us, admitted patients are never treated like an outsider. Our behavioral health professionals observe, listen, and respond to every patient’s unique needs. The indicated treatment and medications are provided quickly and effectively. Compassion, kindness, and respect help to stabilize patients emotionally.

Most people won’t require Inpatient Care with us. Our system, our purpose is in place to help avoid it whenever possible. We know some patients may want to avoid it, too. Some have fears about it. Some had bad experiences at other facilities in the past. None of us like being admitted to a hospital. But at Integro, we like all who require it. Our Inpatient Care team understands fears. We welcome and provide comfort and support to all those in need.

What is Inpatient Care at Integro Health Systems?

At Integro, a specific diagnosis is not a condition for admission to the Inpatient Care program at our Phoenix, Arizona facility. All patients must have symptoms which meet certain criteria established by the medical insurance guidelines we must follow. There is a process in place.

Our Inpatient Care is primarily for what we call “acute stabilization.” This means people come in, or are brought in to us showing high-intensity symptoms of a behavioral health condition. In some cases, the guidelines may dictate we need to transfer a patient to another facility.

Once the patient is found to be at imminent risk by our medical and psychiatric team, it may require temporary around the clock medical supervision and treatment.

There is a wide range of possible causes for Inpatient Care at Integro. Below are just a few examples. You may notice they all pertain to the patient’s behavioral health and ability to function.

  • Patient presents with a suicidal ideation, behavior, or intent at self-harm.
  • Patient presents with a homicidal or significantly assaultive ideation, behavior, or plan to harm others.Patient presents with a deteriorated physical state which poses a serious threat to their safety, or the safety of others.
  • Patient presents a serious disturbance through their behavior, expressed thoughts, or mood. The disturbance leaves the patient acutely unable or unwilling to adequately care for themselves.
  • Patient presents a serious disturbance through their behavior, expressed thoughts, or mood. Proper indication for treating the disturbance requires medication or extended observation which cannot be safely provided and managed in another setting.

To guide patients through behavioral health crises, Integro offers a fully equipped medical emergency room. It is supervised by a Board-Certified Medical Emergency Room Physician. Added treatment comes from a team of experience medical and psychiatric professionals.


From the emergency room, we offer options customized to fit every patient’s individual needs. They include:

  • A Detoxification Unit.

Certified by the State of Arizona. Here our specialized physician supervised medical team provides critical care and comfort. Patients are assisted and monitored throughout the process of helping their body rid toxins from alcohol use and substance use.

  • An Observation Unit

Here the Integro team protects the well-being of behavioral health patients, providing them with comfort and care. In many cases, this acute stabilization of symptoms often lasts for periods of time up to 23 hours. Other times, it is assessed and decided every 24 hours.

The importance of the observation unit is it provides the necessary time for comprehensive, medical evaluation. This allows our team to make informed decisions which determine if the patient requires the benefits for Inpatient Care.

  • Inpatient Care Unit.

Here we serve behavioral health patients with a fully staffed team of medical and psychiatric professionals. These dedicated providers are committed to delivering quality around the clock care, customized for every patient. This means providing proper medications and all other aspects of appropriate indicated care to meet their needs in this time of distress.

“If a patient is admitted to our Inpatient Care program, we know it might be scary for them, and their loved ones,” said Donna Noriega, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). “We understand, and show compassion to help you get through it.”

In addition, please consider these aspects of positivity and hope:

  • Our guidelines require us to have the medically indicated treatment to effectively improve or stabilize the reasons a patient is admitted for Inpatient Care.
  • Your insurance provider believes in Integro. The only way they will authorize Inpatient Care is because they have reasonable expectations we can improve and stabilize the patient’s reasons for being admitted. Remember, the goal for everyone involved is for the patient to be stable enough to be discharged.


Inpatient Care and Insurance

Speaking of insurance, we know it too. One of the biggest problems in healthcare in America today relates to health insurance. At Integro, our caring experts to help you navigate this necessary aspect. We do our best to work with your insurance providers and other members of your healthcare team to get you access to the treatment and services you need.

We know cost of Inpatient Care is a concern to most families. Integro was built with affordability and access in mind. It explains why we are set up to accept other forms of insurance many others will not. It also explains why you’ll find Integro to be more favorable financially than most psychiatric hospitals. You’ll find we also tend to offer more services. Plus, we customize for every patient’s unique needs.

On any given day, we think you’ll find your family’s behavioral health urgent care needs are urgent to us, too.

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