Outpatient Care. It can leave you feeling left out. You hope, but don’t get the priority behavioral health treatment you need. This happens often at the neighborhood emergency room or urgent care. They’re good at what they do. But, they’re the wrong places for fixing what’s wrong with mental health issues. Now there’s an easier and better solution.

The Outpatient Care program at Integro     

Now there’s the right place for the stressed out. Now there’s the right place for the down and out. Now you aren’t out of options in a behavioral health crisis.

Our Phoenix, Arizona location is your place for 24-7 behavioral health urgent care solutions

It’s a crisis treatment room. Led by medical doctors and nurses. It’s an urgent care facility. Led by psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses.

Welcome to Outpatient Care which doesn’t treat you like an outsider. We don’t look sideways at people in crisis. We don’t make them wait until the more “important” patients are done.

We understand the importance of behavioral health, and medical health. We know both demand priority care. And why not? Many patients are comorbid. They present both serious behavioral health and medical health issues.

Urgent Care at Integro. It’s stabilizing a person’s broken ability to function or cope, like treating a broken leg. Priority!

Treating the whole person is your solution. So is having medical and psychiatric professionals work together as one. Our integrated system evaluates and provides comprehensive treatment every patient’s unique physical health and mental health priorities.

Isn’t it good when a patient is respected like a whole person? Isn’t it good when behavioral health needs are respected like medical health?


Outpatient Care Customized for the Patient

Urgent help and hope await you at Integro. Mind, body, and soul are cared for, supported, and stabilized. You’ll find it in programs and services for meeting the needs, and schedules of patients.

Urgent Care:

The “system” at other emergency care facilities is designed to meet their goals, not your behavioral health needs. For instance, acute anxiety patients are often a lower priority. They’re forced to wait (often too long) for care. Once seen, they often feel they’re treated quickly, but not completely, before being released. They may be in less distress. They may not.

Trapped inside a raging behavioral health crisis, most patients and families must get through one emergency room to receive medical clearance. They sit and wait. Then sit and wait some more. Once evaluated and cleared, they are billed for services.

Next, they’re off again, probably to a psychiatric hospital. Next, it’s behavioral health or mental health treatment. Again, they wait. Finally, they receive treatment, and get billed again (probably more) by this place. This costly process in both time and money is the last thing they need. It only adds to their stress and distress.

Urgent Care at Integro is uniquely equipped for timely care. You receive quality treatment and services for behavioral health issues. Did you know?

We’re licensed to do the critical medical clearance those others can’t.

You benefit. One system built for integrated Urgent Care. One location to be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated as a priority. One specialized team which manages both medical and behavioral health issues. One facility for comprehensive treatment of comorbid or dual diagnosis patients, though Inpatient or Outpatient Care.


Behavioral health patients may leave other emergency care with 3-5 days of the medication which helped stabilize them. In 3-5 days, they’re back on their own. In 3-5 days, they could be right back in the high-risk situation which made them unstable. If so, and they’re lucky, they get to Integro for comprehensive, customized, urgent Outpatient Care.

Regarding medication, we don’t believe in leaving patients high and dry. Taking indicated prescription medications and healthy supplements at indicated doses should be more than “just what the doctor ordered.” It should be just what the patient needs.

We’re experienced at providing the right medication. Such as, to stabilize Anxiety Disorders and Major Depression, or to overcome an addicted brain’s cravings for alcohol use or substance use.

Taking the right medication and supplements doesn’t mean the person is weak. No. It means the person is strong. They wanted help, and came to the right place for it. The right medication helps get people strong. It helps keep them strong. It helps them bring back the person they want to be, the same person others feel safe to know and love.


Transformation begins through Integro Urgent Care. It grows and strengthens through our continued care. This isn’t a hassle for patients. It’s hope and help. It’s their oxygen.

Statistics show, without continued care, relapse is imminent.

Every person’s highest good is here in continued care. Truth, knowledge, responsibility, and personal power are here.

Real wonders can happen in therapy. Many times, they do.

Individual Therapy:

Patients meet regularly with counselors and therapists. They meet with psychiatrists for therapy and medication checks. During these sessions, they discuss life. They examine what’s working, and what’s not. They look for improvement, and solutions. They work together.

“Our patients are never shamed,” said Karen Godwin-Canulla, M.D. Chief Medical Officer. “They are always supported, and shown respect and compassion. You’d be amazed how honest and productive people are in this kind of care.”

Group Therapy:

Patients meet regularly in a group of peers. Many who are facing similar challenges. They discover how they’re not alone, but they are worthy. They gain by listening as much as talking. It becomes a sacred, special, and powerful community. Many people love group therapy the most. They stay in it for decades, others for life. Here lies their freedom.


Integro offers activities to help people feel healthier, happier, and connected. There’s opportunities for yoga, exercise, spirituality, and more. “Integro believes strongly if a person believes in a Higher Power, or something…they have a better chance at a higher quality of life,” said Marco V. Canulla, M.D., Founder and Chairman of Integro Health Systems. “Integro Cares. So, we support them.”  


Outpatient Care Treatment Programs

Standard Outpatient Care:

This is for women and men with a behavioral health problem who bounce back quickly. They are stable enough to go back home to their family. They can go back to their job.

They return for regular visits, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly. They benefit from seeing a counselor, or a therapist. They go to groups.

Intensive Outpatient Care:  

This is the low-cost solution compared to long-term inpatient treatment. Intensive Outpatient Care is like partial hospitalization. Patients come to Integro for ongoing therapy and continued care, and support. It may be 3 -5 hours a day. They can sleep in their own bed. They can be with their loving friends and family. They can be part of their community. Think of it like keeping one foot on solid ground, as they reach for higher ground.

With Integro Continued Care, we like to treat people and have them stable as a way of life, not an occasional event.

Oh yeah, love and happiness are here, too. Call Integro now about the benefits of Outpatient Care. (602) 535-8200.

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