Detox from dependency can be difficult. It can be dangerous, especially if done alone. Detox is a mandatory “must do” to break free from the deadly grip of alcohol use or substance use. Detox is also a “must see” destination. It acts as the gateway to addiction treatment, and the road to recovery.

Integro mandates a physician supervised medical team for protecting every patient during detoxification. The process requires expertise and compassion, core elements of our standard of care.

We also use the proper medications indicated by approved medical guidelines. This dual-focused approach helps to make the unpleasant experience for the person…as pleasant as possible. (…find out more)


Our Urgent Care program in Phoenix is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The integrated approach to care begins when you open the door. You’re greeted with open arms, open hearts, and open minds. We provide treatment and services for a wide range of behavioral health issues. For example, anxiety disorders to clinical depression, alcohol use to opioid use, suicidal thoughts and actions, and more. We are staffed by the medical and psychiatric experts you need. This includes: emergency medical doctors and nurses, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, behavioral health techs, therapists, case managers, and other dedicated professionals. (…find out more)


At Integro, a specific diagnosis is not a condition for admission to the Inpatient Care program at our Phoenix, Arizona facility. All patients must have symptoms which meet certain criteria established by the medical insurance guidelines we must follow. There is a process in place. Our Inpatient Care is primarily for what we call “acute stabilization.” This means people come in, or are brought in to us showing high-intensity symptoms of a behavioral health condition. In some cases, the guidelines may dictate we need to transfer a patient to another facility. Once the patient is found to be at imminent risk by our medical and psychiatric team, it may require temporary around the clock medical supervision and treatment. (…find out more)


Standard Outpatient Care:

This is for women and men with a behavioral health problem who bounce back quickly. They are stable enough to go back home to their family. They can go back to their job. They return for regular visits, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly. They benefit from seeing a counselor, or a therapist. They go to groups. (…find out more)

Intensive Outpatient Care:  

This is the low-cost solution compared to long-term inpatient treatment. Intensive Outpatient Care is like partial hospitalization. Patients come to Integro for ongoing therapy and continued care, and support. It may be 3 -5 hours a day. They can sleep in their own bed. They can be with their loving friends and family. They can be part of their community. Think of it like keeping one foot on solid ground, as they reach for higher ground. (…find out more)


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