The word “integrated” dates back hundreds of years. But today, it enjoys new life at Integro Health Systems. The definition of integrated means, “to put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole.” We’ve done just that.

Integro combines 4 main programs for comprehensive treatment of the growing behavioral health crisis in America. They include:

– Urgent Care

– Detox

– Inpatient Care

– Outpatient Care

“I really like telling people how we have an integrated approach to care within an integrated system,” said Marco V. Canulla, M.D., Founder and Chairman of Integro Health Systems. “It’s what makes us unique. It’s what enables and empowers us to provide quality treatment for the unique needs of every patient.”

Patients and their loved ones, love the quality of our integrated approach to treatment. Medical professionals team with psychiatric professionals to provide the comprehensive care most patients require.

Patients and their loved ones, also love the convenience of our integrated approach to treatment. Patients don’t get bounced from one system to another. There’s no feeling like a number or a misfit. No constant insurance hassles. No starting over with every new facility. No having to remember to shuffle paperwork and records every new place you go.

Patients thrive in the ease, comfort, and friendly confines of Integro’s one integrated system with many dedicated, caring professionals.

Urgent Care:  Integro’s Urgent Care program is unique. No more being misunderstood and mistreated at your typical emergency room. Unlike your neighborhood urgent care center, Integro is designed for behavioral health issues. We understand. We know what to do. Our goal is to quickly and effectively get patients stable, and feeling better.

Detox: Integro’s Detox program is safe and sound. Key elements in such a time of crisis. From the rooms to the hearts of the experienced staff, the whole program is designed for detox. People in need of detoxification from alcohol use or substance use shouldn’t do it alone. They should do it at Integro where they will be made comfortable, and treated with respect and compassion by addiction treatment experts.

Inpatient Care: Like detox, the Inpatient Care program at Integro is not needed by everyone. However, patients requiring extended quality care can receive it in a hospital-like setting designed for behavioral health. What could be better? A combined medical and psychiatric team who not only cares for patients, but actually understands them.

Outpatient Care: When your family is in crisis, you just want a way out of it. You want a stable patient. But if you want the best chance for the patient and the situation to remain stable, you’ll just want Integro’s Outpatient Care program.  Behavioral health illnesses are like any other chronic conditions. They’re not a one and done situation.

Outpatient Care at Integro is a steady supply of hope, help, knowledge, and strength. There’s no judgment. No punishment. Should a person fall, we’re there to help you back up. It’s every patient’s best shot at finding behavioral health freedom, and holding onto it. It’s every family’s best shot at the bright future we all want, and are worthy to enjoy.

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