urgent-care-program“People who bring transformative change have courage, know how to re-frame the problem, and have a sense of urgency.” — Malcolm Gladwell, author and journalist

This statement applies to you. It applies to overcoming a behavioral health crisis. Translated, it’s you coming to a good decision. “This big problem is getting worse. I’m smart enough to know experts are the right answer. Take action before it’s too late. Let’s get it done NOW.”

Gladwell’s statement also describes the Integro behavioral health Urgent Care program. Patients get stable quickly.

  • In Crisis? INTEGRO.
  • Our Urgent Care program in Phoenix is open 10am to 10pm, 24/7 Crisis Intervention and Admission.
  • The integrated approach to care begins when you open the door. You’re greeted with open arms, open hearts, and open minds.
  • We provide treatment and services for a wide range of behavioral health issues. For example, anxiety disorders to clinical depression, alcohol use to opioid use, suicidal thoughts and actions, and more.
  • Staffed by the medical and psychiatric experts you need. This includes: emergency medical doctors and nurses, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, behavioral health techs, therapists, case managers, and other dedicated professionals.
  • Faster, more comprehensive, and more positive, than your previous emergency room and urgent care experiences elsewhere.
  • No longer will you hope to find one special staffer to treat you with compassion and respect. Expect it from everyone on our team.
  • We create the calm before the storm, during the storm, and after the patient’s storm.

It’s not another emergency room. It’s not another urgent care. Integro is THE EMERGENCY URGENT CARE facility for patients in behavioral health crisis.

It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

Behavioral health patients have had seriously unmet urgent needs. They’ve been grossly misunderstood by much of the medical community. They’ve been grossly underserved as patients. They’ve been grossly undervalued as people. Sadly, it’s been true in Arizona. It’s been true all over.

Behavioral health patients aren’t a good fit for typical emergency room treatment. They don’t fit in local urgent care facilities either.

“Standard emergency rooms take any kind of emergency over behavioral health,” said Noreen Vanca, (NEED TITLE). “Patients are forced to wait for hours for an outside crisis prevention team to evaluate them. In the meantime, they can’t even be given medication because it prevents a proper assessment.”

Now with Integro, a behavioral health crisis doesn’t rage out of control. Patients and families fit. Even better, it’s a process custom fit for them.

“What sets Integro apart is we provide the behavioral health crisis intervention patients need,” added Ms. Vanca. “We removed those costly delays. We are licensed as an Urgent Care facility for behavioral health. Plus, there’s Inpatient Care, and Outpatient Care ALL in the comfort and convenience of one location.”


It’s the location where behavioral health patients are a priority. They receive priority care in a low patient to provider ratio. They are seen, heard, understood, and supported by a highly-qualified, urgent response team.

The Integro Phoenix location was built with a safety plan for behavioral health patients. They won’t find the usual upsetting stimulation of typical emergency rooms. They won’t find the easy access to self-harm either.

It’s a process designed to minimize anxiety, agitation, and anger. It’s designed to make things better, not worse. Who wants to feel lost and alone in a crisis? We’re prepared for your emergencies. We know and understand them. We’re prepared to help get you through any crisis.

Our behavioral health treatment and services are customized for every patient. They’re fast-acting, and user-friendly. Still, delivering comprehensive behavioral health and medical health solutions.

Integro has x-ray and lab capabilities. They’re part of the evaluation process when needed, especially with a dual diagnosis. Patients receive a private screening exam to quickly identify any underlying medical issues of concern. If something is beyond our scope, say a stroke or need for surgery, we’ll get them stable and get them transported for the appropriate care right away.

Patients who are treated, benefit from the integrated approach. Our medical and psychiatric professionals work together as one. Until the right diagnosis is confirmed, patients and their loved ones can relax in the “Results Pending Area.” Here they have the option to watch safe TV, listen to soothing music, play cards, or talk with someone if they need support.

Inpatient Care.

Following Urgent Care treatment, admitted patients are quickly taken to their room. Here, they receive added comfort and care. They are closely monitored while they rest and stabilize. This gives them the added time and resources to become stable.

Outpatient Care.

If patients are not admitted after becoming stable, our process again avoids those costly delays which can set them back. Our integrated approach provides the power and speed to get patients scheduled for an immediate follow-up appointment. In most cases, patients can begin our Outpatient Care program within 24-48 hours.

Family Care.

Our Urgent Care model aims to involve families and other trusted, loved ones of a patient. We find this important support. Their involvement is often a key element to the patient’s recovery.

Our staff members are trained to identify if families are struggling with the patient’s problem. Our therapists can assess these situations. They can help to find better ways for everyone. This involves identifying emotional triggers, coping mechanisms, and finding other solutions for a higher quality of life.

If a patient doesn’t have or want friends and family involved in their care, we can provide experienced professionals to discuss their concerns, answer their questions, and arrive at good, healthy decisions.

We don’t want patients institutionalized either. The goal of Integro Urgent Care is to provide the right treatment and care for all patients to quickly become stable. This gets them started on their customized road to recovery.

  • Let’s get patients back to the home, and people they love.
  • Let’s get them back to their community, job, and hobbies.
  • Let’s get them back to living, not suffering while dying a little more every day. Our Outpatient Care lifts patients (and loved ones) to reclaiming their personal power, peace of mind, and freedom.

Every Integro Urgent Care story begins with a heroic choice. Like you, we hope every story ends with the patient as a happy, functioning member of their family, and community.

Call Integro now for more information on our unique Urgent Care program. Call (602) 535-8200. Integro Cares.


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